About Us

Jury Borgianni
(Grappolo Rosso Owner)

Jury is a Web and Mobile specialist of 2.0 frontiers, he lives in Tuscan and he is a Wine lover. He loves red native wines and white north italian wines. His favourite ones are Brunello di Montalcino, Tuscan Sangiovese and north italian Chardonnay. His all-time favorite wine is a '97 Casanova di Neri Cerretalto. His first taste was Brunello di Montalcino '97 Il Poggione. Jury loves also to play football (Aquilone is the team where he plays) and he's a Tennis appassionate (Favourite tennis player is Boris Becker!).

Jury Borgianni contacts:
Email: jury.borgianni@gmail.com
Skype: juryfitz

Ruben Fossati
(Ambasciatore del Carmignano per Grappolo Rosso)

Ruben is a Gourmet traveler that tries as much as possible to combine the cultural and artistic aspects of travelling to the beauty of food and wine. The passion he has for the wine goes back to a pure curiosity related to his job which has now turned into a sort of “enosnob” attitude.
As pretty much as every Florentine he is a lover of Tuscan Sangiovese wines and in particular in this blog he is the “ambassador” of Carmignano.
The wines he appreciates most are the Flaccianelo della Pieve 2006 di Fontodi as regard as the red wines and the Cutizzi 2008 dei Feudi Di San Gregorio as regard as the whites.

Ruben Fossati contacts:
Email: ruben.fossati@hotmail.it